Monday, 31 May 2010

A new Pug in the House

We did it. After much thought, a lot of research (mainly by Iris) and a few visits to local and not so local breeders we finally got a second pug. Meet Harley:

On Thursday evening we went to Guilford, signed the paperwork and took him back home with us. He is 6 months old, from a good home and with - at least as far as we can tell - a good pedigree (one of his half-sisters is a champion.)

And then we braced ourselves for things to come - but so far things have been a lot better than we hoped for
- On our way back home Iris noticed that he was very fond of nipping at fingers. She tried to distract him with treats - big mistake. He really likes his treats and is not shy about letting others know. Fitz likes his treats as well - and is not shy about telling Harley
- Back home he settled in within 5 minutes. Everything got explored, all of Fitzi's toys got dragged out (which the old boy took with surprising restraint)
- First walkies - cars are fun. He has seen those before. Buses are scary, real scary. (Fitz knows that buses are these wonderful magical things that get you home without walking. He understands the concept of bus stops and usually just refuses to walk back home from the village - much rather preferring to wait for the bus)
- The first night was a little rough - for me at least. Harley had never slept in a bed before, Fitz always has. So Harley got to share a proper bed with Fitz and myself. He liked it very much, thought it was a really good game. Fitz told him off in no uncertain terms but I of course was much softer on him. So he spend most of the night climbing over my face, nipping at my finger (and my nose) and generally having a good time
- At about 6:30 he decided that it was time for his first morning walk. I'm used to a dog that - like me - likes to lie in. I'm not a morning person, never will be - but will at least make an effort for the new puppy

More to come: a walk in the park, the first pub, a new girlfriend

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