Thursday, 22 July 2010

Damage Control

it's been a while since I updated my blog...

We just love him to bits. A few weeks ago we were heading into a
little crisis - he was getting too cheeky, interfering with Fitz's
daily routine - and in a pretty rough way. Thing would have been funny
enough if he'd stopped at stealing Fitzi's nappy (and shredding it
into a thousand tiny pieces), but at one point his play-biting drew

As we did not want to risk the peace and quite of our home we got
professional help involved: Harley now has three sessions of dog
training under his belt (well, harness) and we have learned enough to
re-establish our position as pack leaders. The main tool: a rattle-can
(a tin can, filled with pennies and wrapped in black electrical tape)
- he lives in awe of it; we do not even have to rattle, just showing
him the tools is enough. We now have the loveliest of puggies: he is
still cheeky, but leaves Fitz alone. He can sit, give paw, leave
things alone when told and we are practising stay and recall.

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